Sea Aged Wine have expanded operations with Sea Aged Wine tanks being manufactured for the
Canary islands.

Due entirely to demand. Sea Aged Wine are now sending TANKS to the Spanish owned islands
off the coast of Africa. The Canary islands are very popular with European and American tourists.

With 10’s of millions of visitors each year The Canary’s have become a massive export market for
Sea Aged Wine. The patented tanks manufactured by Sea Aged Wine have purified seawater
inside and are used on land to age wine.

The time bottles are in the tanks varies from one to nine months. It is not so much ageing more an

But tanks being on land at sea at level there is no underwater sea pressure and therefore no
chance of any contamination from broken seals which fits into the FDA rules.

Unlike wine aged in the open seas which could be contaminated, and is currently banned in
the USA (Except sea aged wine from the tanks).

Graham Smith the inventor of the Sea Aged Wine tanks said.” This is a fantastic expansion for us
it will cut down on costs and make for a smoother operation from supply and demand logistics.
We are now looking to the USA for our next expansion and are seeking partners there.”

You can contact Sea Aged Wine at or
Tel Spain 0034 662 406 516
UK 02380 970302

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