Tenjaku Whisky, an emerging brand of Japanese Whisky in the US, has announced the arrival of Tenjaku Pure Malt. This masterful blend of 100% aged Malt Whiskies goes through double copper pot distillation. It is then blended to perfection by Tenjaku Master Distiller Kenji Watanabe. Once the distillation and blending processes are complete, the whisky is then aged in heavily used bourbon barrels for up to six years to allow the flavors to mature. As a result, the rich flavors of Tenjaku Pure Malt carry a slightly nutty taste with hints of green apples and herbs, finishing with a subtly smoky vanilla and woody tone.

The launch of Tenjaku Pure Malt follows on the heels of a successful first year in the United States for Tenjaku Whisky. The original blend has kept pace with a demanding market for Japanese whisky, delivering the high quality and drinkability expected from the category. Tenjaku Whisky is currently available in over 40 states in the US and continues to expand. It is imported by MHW, Ltd. headquartered in Manhasset, New York.

“MHW is proud to be serving as the importer for Tenjaku and participating in such a successful brand launch in 2020,” says MHW President & Founder John Beaudette. “It’s a testament to not only matching a high quality product to consumer demand, but also the speed and care in which the distributors and retailers addressed and responded to the consumers’ wishes. The launch of Pure Malt is another step for Tenjaku in its mission to share smooth, premium Japanese whisky with whiskey lovers all over the US.”

For inquiries, please reach out to Craig Kodish, Managing Director of Tenjaku Whisky USA at ckodish@route2mkt.com.


About Tenjaku Whisky

Tenjaku Whisky is a Japanese style whisky that provides a pure, mellow flavor to suit any drinking style. By utilizing only the highest quality ingredients derived from the natural environment, Tenjaku Whisky is smooth and refreshing whether poured on the rocks or mixed into a signature cocktail. Inspired by Master Blender Kenji Watanabe and his passion for craftsmanship, Tenjaku Whisky is created in the shadow of Mount Fuji using the highest quality spring water on Earth. The water used in every bottle of Tenjaku is filtered through volcanic rock until it meets their standard for dilution. This is how Tenjaku Whisky is able to provide a whisky that is bold while maintaining its balance and smoothness.

To learn more about Tenjaku Whisky or to see where Tenjaku Whisky is sold, visit https://tenjakuwhiskyusa.com.

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