KANSAS CITY, MO. October 30, 2018 – The Monarch Cocktail Bar & Lounge is pleased to debut its Fall/Holiday menu from award-winning Bar Director, Brock Schulte. Schulte continues to find inspiration in the migratory path of the Monarch butterfly and seasonal flavors that spark his creativity. Schulte shares four cocktails trends to watch this season and into the holidays.

  • Dairy-influenced drinks: This season, we wanted to use dairy products and variants to change the mouth feel towards rounder, more full-bodied cocktails. Rather than just milk or cream, we include crème fraiche, kefir cultured milk, Greek yogurt and almond milk-based yogurt. ThePurple Emperor (Old Weller Antique 107, Absolut Elyx, Joto Yuzu Sake, Aronia berry, black garlic, crème fraiche) is a prime example.
  • Garnishes are getting pared back. We’re not alone here, lots of industry friends are goingthe same direction to highlight the primary sensory elements of the cocktail, more in the liquid and less on the garnish. We’re all about the sense of smell and taste this fall, such as the Red Admiral (Copper & Kings Un-aged American Apple Brandy, Laird’s Jersey Lightning Apple Brandy, Kronan Swedish Punsch, red wine poached pear, egg white, champagne acid, tangerine agrumato).
  • Holiday Highballs are allthe rage. New drinks such as our King Palm 2.0 ( Rieger & Co. Midwestern Dry Gin, Kefir whey, coconut water, cinnamon, lemongrass, red wine) use the popular highball glass to beautifully layer ingredients creating a sensory feast for all.
  • Smokey + sweet are very much in play, especially for our Kansas City BBQ lovin’ audience. A new “classic” for The Monarch in this genre, including a privateMonarch reserve cask, is the Louisiana Purchase (Monarch Private Barrel Jefferson’s Ocean, Infinity Vermouth, Monarch Amer-Picon, salted cardamom “Iron” bitters).

About The Monarch Cocktail Bar & Lounge

The Monarch is a social setting for the cocktail curious and drinks connoisseur, the vision come to life of a team of architects and bartenders who collaborated on every detail. Architect/Owner David Manica of Manica Architecture (Kansas City, London, Shanghai) worked with the bar professionals from day one to design a lively setting to experience Kansas City’s most refined cocktails, service and small plates menu. Along the way they re-imagined the bar as we traditionally know it, electing for new approaches such as an open center bar, approachable from all sides with no back bar to obstruct the perfect sight lines of the space. The stylish Main Bar area seats 24 at the bar and up to 50 on intimate banquettes. Guests can choose tableside Bar Cart service for classic, stirred drinks or seasonal drinks creations, that like the flight of the monarch butterfly, span the world over. There is room for 60 on the chic, al fresco Monarch Terrace in season. Behind closed doors lies the Parlour Room, an inner bar open by invitation-only. For more: www.themonarchbar.com and @themonarchbar.

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