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August 5, 2020

Twelve5 Beverage Co. Launches REBEL Hard Coffee
Craft brewed beverage available for retail sales

Neenah, Wis. – Twelve5 Beverage Company has launched REBEL Hard Coffee, a dangerously delicious, creamy blend of coffee and alcohol that satisfies the senses with indulgent flavors and a kick to keep things social. REBEL Hard Coffee offers a refreshing experience for those who want the perfect beverage for multiple occasions and dayparts.

REBEL Hard Coffee is now available in three flavors, including Mocha Hard Latte, Vanilla Hard Latte, and Hard Cold Brew. A seasonal Pumpkin Spice Hard Latte flavor will also be available beginning in August. The smooth blends provide a dangerously delicious taste and a lighter drinking experience perfect for all social occasions. With a precise mix of flavor and alcohol, REBEL Hard Coffee is an ideal alternative for consumers looking for something new and different in their alcohol choice.

REBEL Mocha Hard Latte and Vanilla Hard Latte
• Coffeehouse indulgent flavors
• 100% Arabica coffee
• Natural ingredients
• Craft brewed malt beverages
• 5% ABV
• Notes of coffee followed by
“smooth and creamy” chocolatey and vanilla finishes

REBEL Hard Cold Brew
• 100% Arabica coffee
• Natural ingredients
• Craft brewed malt beverage
• 4.2% ABV
• 115 calories
• Light & refreshing
• Bold notes of coffee followed by a “hint of sweetness”

REBEL Pumpkin Spice Hard Latte
• Coffeehouse pumpkin spice flavor
• 100% Arabica coffee
• Natural ingredients
• Craft brewed malt beverage
• 5% ABV
• Notes of coffee followed by a
“warm and spicy” pumpkin finish

REBEL was launched to meet an untapped opportunity in the flavored malt beverage (FMB) category, which has seen strong growth thanks to the rise in popularity of hard seltzers. According to market research conducted by the brand, hard coffee is poised to be the next trend in FMBs, with approximately 106 million consumers who drink alcohol and/or coffee having purchase interest in hard coffee. When asked why hard coffee was of interest, around 71% of consumers said it was something new and different to try, indicating a desire for variety.

The name REBEL refers to the inner rebel of variety seekers who want to drink different and take a break from normal alcoholic beverage options. REBEL packaging was designed to draw in consumers by communicating coffee, good flavor, and delicious taste while invoking feelings of playfulness, excitement, energy, and individualism. The swirls, splashes, and dancing coffee beans direct the eye to the easy-to-read fonts and modern logo. All of these aspects make for a unique package that stands out from the others, just like the “rebels” drinking the product.

Twelve5 Beverage Company previously released the product under the brand name Brown Bomber®. The new REBEL brand will hit shelves beginning early August 2020.

REBEL is currently available in over 40 states with more being added by year-end, for grocery, drug, mass merchandise, convenience, club, and independent and liquor store sales. The product can be sold as cases, four-packs, and singles.

Seasonal flavors will be released each quarter beginning in fall of 2020. For consumers seeking excitement on National Coffee Day September 29, REBEL will celebrate National “Hard” Coffee Day with a national sweepstakes running September 4 through October 4. Full details will be released at a later date.

To distribute REBEL or to put it on your retail shelf, contact the REBEL sales team by visiting

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About Twelve5 Beverage Company
REBEL Hard Coffee is produced by Twelve5 Beverage Company, the founders of the hard coffee category. Twelve5 Beverage Company was founded in 2018 with a focus on pioneering innovative products that meet the needs of changing consumer preferences. The launch of REBEL Hard Coffee in August 2020 marked an opportunity to expand Twelve5 Beverage Company’s products to a new audience. For more information, visit

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