White Claw is the Law On Social Media Among Seltzer Brands, Talkwalker Reports 

NEW YORK – Summer may be winding down, but the spiked seltzer wars are still raging.  And the winner?  White Claw is the law on social media when it comes to seltzer. International social media analytics firm Talkwalker looked at data over the past 30 days and that’s the conclusion of the analysis of 23 different spiked seltzer brands.  White Claw topped the list of social media mentions with 77,000, far outpacing the second-place finisher Truly, with 14,000 mentions, Talkwalker reports.

Similar to the craft beer industry, spiked seltzer as a category has seen an influx of new brands in the craft/micro production space. While national brands like White Claw are competing for shelf space with industry-backed brands like Bud Light Seltzer or Natural Light Seltzer, regional favorites are also taking hold.

In Talkwalker’s analysis of 10 regional brands from Maine to Seattle, Nauti Seltzer from Westminster, MA was found to be the most popular, receiving 2,000 social media mentions in this time. That outperformed larger brands like Natural Light Seltzer, Spiked Seltzer, and Henry’s.

Colorado prefers Truly, and South Dakota prefers Henry’s, though in most places White Claw is the most mentioned brand. When looking at the regional brands, San Juan seltzers has captured the Pacific Northwest, while Fick’s and Nauti have California.

In Texas,  Mighty Swell and Cape Line both perform well, and their share of voice extends into the Southeast as well.

In New England both Nauti and Arctic Summer perform well, though for all of the regional favorites their number of mentions are very few in comparison with Truly & White Claw.

Top 5 Seltzers by mentions:

1. White Claw 77,000

2. Truly – 14,700

3. Bud Light Seltzer – 5,400

4. Bon & Viv – 4,200

5. Nauti Seltzers  – 2,000

Top 5 Seltzers by engagements:

1. White Claw: 400,000 engagements

2. Spiked Seltzer: 67,000 engagements

3. Bud Light Seltzer: 54K engagements

Truly: 18.7K engagements

Bon & Viv: 10K engagements

Here are some of the top Tweets surrounding spiked seltzer:




Even White Claw’s competitors can’t help but attack the champ:


Talkwalker also looked at mentions of more than 20 different flavors alongside spiked seltzers. Here are the top five most mentioned flavors:

1. Lemon – 3,600 mentions (20.5 percent of all flavor mentions)

2. Mango – 2,400 (16.2 percent)

3. Cherry – 2,000

T. Lime – 2,000

5. Watermelon – 1,000

Watermelon’s popularity may be driven in part by Harry Style’s collab with White Claw’s Watermelon flavor and his hit single “Watermelon Sugar:”


However watermelon as a flavor also had the highest positive sentiment of any flavor looked at with 51 percent positive sentiment. Other standout favorites were pineapple, blueberry acai, pomegranate and ginger all with 39 percent positive sentiment, Talkwalker reports. The health trends that led spiked seltzer to grow as a category are all reflected here as many of these flavors are associated with their health and antioxidant properties.

About Talkwalker

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