Women of the Vine & Spirits (WOTVS) is asking its members and the alcohol beverage industry at large to join them in their commitment to end workplace harassment by signing the “WOTVS Pledge of Commitment.” They are asking the industry to help them reach their goal of 1,000 signatures by December 1, 2020. CLICK HERE TO SIGN

As stated by Founder & CEO, Deborah Brenner in her letter to members, this pledge is one of the important steps WOTVS is committed to taking to further create and foster a work environment in the alcohol beverage industry where all women and men can thrive no matter their gender, race, or sexual orientation.

“We understand that harassment comes in many forms; sexual and physical, bullying, job shaming, verbal threats, derogatory comments, and microaggressions, among others, “said Brenner. “We are committed to educating our members on prevention strategies through our online Resource Library and will host professional-led trainings, focused on prevention and healing.”

By signing the WOTVS Pledge of Commitment, you demonstrate to your team, colleagues and to the alcohol beverage industry, worldwide, your commitment to creating a respectful, harassment free workplace where all women and men can thrive.

The Pledge is as follows:

As a member and/or friend of Women of the Vine & Spirits,

  • I commit to treating people with dignity and respect regardless of their gender, race, or sexual orientation.
  • I commit to making our workplace safe and I encourage all individuals to be their authentic selves.
  • I commit to being a role model and recognize that my words and my actions influence others.
  • I commit to not being silent. I will not tolerate, condone, or ignore harassment of any kind.
  • I commit to using my voice to raise awareness and amplify our collective voice for a call to action to the alcohol beverage industry, worldwide.
  • I commit to sharing the WOTVS Pledge of Commitment with at least two other people in the alcohol beverage industry to join the movement.

Enough is enough.

Together, we will eradicate harassment and co-create a more diverse and inclusive workplace where all can thrive.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN (URL: www.womenofthevine.com/pledge-of-commitment)

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