How does a company go from an idea—and one that was decidedly out of the mainstream—to become an industry leader?

Just ask the people at Free Flow Wines, perhaps the world’s most important company that leases, fills, and handles the logistics for wine in kegs.

Not surprisingly, says Heather Clauss, Free Flow’s chief commercial officer, that’s

2020 Best Keg Program: Free Flow Wines

been the case since the company started in 2009, and helps to account for its second consecutive listing on Spirited’s Best Of list.

“Our robust sales and support team ensures all of our customers’ keg programs are a success,” she says, noting that all the company’s kegs are 100 percent reusable stainless steel. That makes it among the only keg packages that guarantee wine quality and sustainability.

“Steel kegs are truly zero-waste, which means there’s nothing to dispose of or to recycle,” she says. “Every glass served on tap will taste perfectly fresh till the last drop.”

Free Flow works with some 250 brands, from wineries throughout North America, South America, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe. Its products are sold everywhere, from restaurants and hotels to sports and entertainment venues. Its headquarters is in Sonoma, Calif., with a filling station in Bayonne, N.J.

“We believe in delivering the freshest, best tasting glass of wine in the most sustainable way possible, whether it be on-tap or in a can,” says Clauss. “We’re passionate about what we do and always looking for new ways to think ‘outside the bottle.’”