Welcome to the second annual Spirited magazine Readers Poll results. In January, we placed a survey on our website, www.spiritedbiz.com, and asked readers to tell us what they thought. We promoted the poll through email blasts, on the Spirited Facebook page, newsletter, and website, and in the magazine. To make sure the playing field was level, we used write-in ballots instead of drop-downs.

2020 Best Bottles Supplier: Saxco

Thanks to all who participated in the vote. We’ll do it again next year, so be on the lookout!

Best Bottles Supplier



Best Barrel Alternatives

evOAK by Oak Solutions Group

2020 Best Barrel Alternatives: evOak by OSG


Best Lender/Financial Services

American AgCredit


Best Laboratory/Testing

ETS Laboratories


2020 Best Tanks Supplier: Santa Rosa Stainless Steel

Best Legal Services/Law Firm

Carle, Mackie, Power & Ross LLP


Best Tanks Supplier

Santa Rosa Stainless Steel


Best Brewing Supplies

Best Distilling Supplies

2020 Best Distilling & Brewing Supplies: BSG

BSG Grain


Best Stillmaker

Vendome Copper


Best Kegs Program

FreeFlow Wines

2020 Best Keg Program: Free Flow Wines


Best Nursery

Duarte Nursery


Best Large Machines and Equipment

Fogg Filler


Best Production Software System

2020 Best Large Machines/Equipment: Fogg Filler



Best Canning Equipment

Codi Manufacturing


Best Winemaking Supplies

2020 Best Bottle Decoration: Universal Packaging

Scott Laboratories  


Best Labels

MCC (Multi-Color Corporation)


Best Bottle Decoration

Universal Packaging


Best Barrels/Cooperage

2020 Best Barrels/Cooperage: Independent Stave Company (ISC)

ISC (Independent Stave Co.)


Best Compliance Specialist

SOVOS ShipCompliant


Best Insurance Company

George Peterson Insurance Agency

2020 Best Flavor Developer: Mother Murphy’s

Best Flavor Developer

Mother Murphy’s


Best Branding/Design Expert

CF Napa


Best Corks

M.A. Silva USA

2020 Best Branding/Design Expert: CF Napa

Best Alternative Closures

NimbleJack Partners


Best Management Software System

Whiskey Systems