New York, March 17, 2020 -The Marussia Beverages Group announces its acquisition of a
controlling stake in the Itkulsky Distillery, Russia. The Itkulsky distillery, founded in 1868, is
the oldest operating distillery in Siberia and the only one on this market to produce alcohol
from pure malt. It has an annual production capacity of 24 million litres of Vodka – one of
which is the leading Super Premium Vodkas in Russia, Mamont. The distillery, located in
Altaï, the most eco-friendly region in Russia, has an additional annual production capacity of
some 10 million litres of neutral spirit. Marussia Beverages Group intends to double
Mamont’s share in the Russian market by mid-2021 and to start the production of two new
Premium vodkas brands.

Etienne de Salins, Director of the Marussia Beverages Group, expressed his enthusiasm for
the acquisition: “We are proud of the addition of the Itkulsky distillery to our group of
companies. The Itkulsky Distillery has a strong reputation for producing super premium
quality alcohols (both vodkas and neutral spirits) mainly attributable to the skills and
expertise of the local production team. This acquisition is a big step forward and will enable
the Group to extend its vodka product range, whilst assuring the high level of quality of our

Yury Tint, General Manager of Marussia RUS LLC said: “Marussia RUS is an established
and successful importer and distributor of premium wines and spirits in Russia. The
acquisition of the Itkulsky Distillery is a logical move for our Group and will enable us to
maintain the high quality of our vodkas, as well as allowing us to satisfy our customers’ high
expectations for innovative products. We look forward to further developing the business and
broadening the range of quality products available to our customers.”

Tom Wagstaff, VP Sales, Niche Import Co. said : “The acquisition of the Itkulsky distillery,
will greatly support our expansion of Mamont Vodka in the US and provide opportunity to
create new brands for our market. Currently we distribute Mamont in 10 states with
California, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts being primary markets. We are also
very proud that Mamont is now the official vodka of the exclusive Explorers Club in New
York City.

About Mamont Vodka
Produced in limited small batches, packaged in an iconic tusk-shaped bottle, Mamont is a
Super Premium vodka. Signature tusk shaped bottle is inspired by the discovery of the Great
Yukagir Mammoth found in Yakutia, Arctic Siberia, having spent 18,000 years in the ice.
Made at the foot of the Altai Mountains by skilled craftsmen, six-times distilled, Mamont
Vodka is a tribute to Wild Siberia.

In 2019 and globally, the sales of MAMONT have reached circa 30,000 standard cases. In
the last 10 years, MAMONT has grown from the domestic Russian market to a worldwide
distribution in 35 countries and is stocked in thousands premium cocktails bar, liquors stores
and retailers.

About Marussia Beverages
The Marussia Beverages Group is an international producer and distributor of wines, sakes
and spirits, with a turn-over of 220 million euros. Present in 12 countries, the group now
encompasses 9 production sites and 12 distribution companies worldwide, producing and
distributing its own portfolio of premium products, including: Mamont Vodka; Mozart
Liqueur; Schlumberger wines; Château Mukhrani, Tamada, Old Tbilisi and Vismino wines,
Mossburn and Torabhaig Whiskies, Mezan Rums, Akashi-Tai Sake, Hatozaki Whiskeys and
135° EAST Gin.


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